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55 years of a Lost Republic…

Been recieving “Happy Republic Day” & “Proud to be an Indian” all day long and i thought i should share the joy.
But i wonder if the very fact that we need a ‘day’ to remind us of our nationality is something that makes me wonder about how proud we actually are. The misplaced sense of pride that is being touted across since this morning makes me sad at the entire Idea. Apparently, there are only 4 hours of patriotism in the entire Year… half an hour of Republic Day, half an hour of Independence Day (both of which our able youth spends sleeping coz the flag is hoisted at a bloody inhuman time… 9 in the morning!) & 3 hours of an illusory Aamir Khan Movie (that too, is more like a leap year). Flood Donation drives & Tsunami Relief is a job best left to the government, eh? There was this drive to contribute a days salary for the Flood relief when i’d joined my corp… Outta 27 in my batch i was among 3 who contributed, coz we pay taxes to the goverment, they gotta have money to pay for that damage, shouldn’t they?
When was the last time you ate a candy bar & left the wrapper strewn casually as if the street sweeper needed some work? I shall say no more, save that 21 years of my existence has disillusioned me. Nevertheless…
Anticipating a change.

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