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A Reprobates Imprecation…

As usual, it’s 1:30 and everyone else in the house is dead asleep. It’s been five day since I watched the movie and I still can’t this that song outta my head. The original is a Song called Tak Bisakah, yet there’s something about this remix. Somehow I can relate more to it. Maybe it’s because the lyrics are so much more familiar in Hindi; Maybe it’s because I can relate to the sorrow inherent in those words…
All in all, it’s one of those moments when i feel grossly an anachronox in this world. We don’t deserve each other but I wish we could put up… Maybe everyone in this world is a misfit for the time that he lives in. Your imprecation is to keep searcing for the perfect time to live in and keep running away from the only perfect time. Now?

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