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Smells Like Bull Shit…

“I’m worse at what, I do best and for this Gift, I feel Blessed…”

There are very few days when i don’t feel like drinking Good Coffee, Reading/Writing or even Listening to Music… Today was one of those. The Days I’m reminded of Calvin telling Miss Wormwood on being Asked what state do we live in: Denial. The days when i’m waiting for Curt (whom I admire, but only moderately) to Scream A Denial, a denial, a denial… The Days when i’m searching so hard for an excuse to be gloomy, I rejoice the moment it rains. I love the city for but one reason – it rains so often; and rainy days are quintessentially gloomy. Atleast that gives me something to blame it all on…
Don’t let that Cobain go vain… Turn the volume up will ya?

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