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Glock, Frock And Two bubbling snorkels…

There’s some recluse in finding utter chaos resplendent in arguments and such is the fate of almost all siginificant health debates. A Coffee Bar cum Huqqa Lounge opened in the city at a very convenient location and I ended up seriously impressed by it. Before the first time I ever smoked one, I asked several people about the consequences of them, only to be elaborately told that the smoke due to the filtration by the water is far less harmful besides the fact that in the very first place, it ain’t tobacco that burns but an artificial flavour. The headrush i got after the first round refuted it starkly and I was pretty sure that there was more to a huqqa than met the eye. One waiter confided to it having a certain concentration of nicotine too.
Well, i happened to watch a small story on NDTV and found both these claims refuted. While there haven’t been the deepest of studies in this direction, Huqqas would do your lungs damage is a fact i came to discover. How much, is a question of much debate. There are those who say that a narghile (huqqa) causes manifold damage as compared to a Cigarette, there are studies that refute the claim with equal vehemence.
For now, i’ll put a hold onto this nascent liking of mine and wait for better researches to come up.

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