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Give ’em their movie stars and they’d probably want little else; them americans and Indians…
Why do people want to become famous? To only try escaping them for the rest of their lives? Or did The two just make a big mistake? Probably fame was something they never were looking for, it just became a part of their reprobation? Then again, why do people want to peep into other lives? Can we not behave like normal human beings? Can we not appreciate people just for what they do, instead of who they are? We, the human species, collectively; are probably the singular most insipidly obsessed genetic strain on this planet.
Those who hide have nothing to hide and those who seek have nothing to find… and yet we go on and on and on… Hiding and seeking, Running Away and Running to, Remembering to forget and forgetting to remember. Fans, i have nothing against the couple, this is a general outburst – they just happened to be the faces.

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