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And so it is…

Just like you said it would be…
Just another wasted day, utterly, completely. When i keep wishin I was a “-ano”… or a “Sonny”… Maybe a “Pauli”… Just some fukin Italian American Mobster. When i Wish the whether was as chilly as hell. Maybe i’ve been watching too much Sopranos. And repeating shows of Donnie Brasco on the PC… Going over Good Fellas again and again.
You ever had that feeling when you were really sure that you pretty much detested the thing you wanted the most? And that just about everything falls into this category?
Screw it all. Go watch Lucky Number Slevin. A simpler story told in a sufficiently non-boring simple manner.
Despite low quotient on quite a few factors, incliding a very predictable story, Some simple expressions well put that I ended up liking (not because it was ground breaking, but because it just fits so perfectly on me right now). Like Slevin Let’s just say i’m ‘Tired of being the dog without a day.’

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  1. October 18, 2006 at 12:57 AM

    that u wrote it at the end of the day, when u just were done with your day,a self-sensitivity, might i have the reason to take ur post to ur..self, r fellas and slevin ur parameters of self-referentiality, self-judgement?

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