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Basin City

Damn i’m hooked! Badly!
I don’t think it’d be a copyright infringement if i repeat Miller:
“The night is as hot as hell. Everything Sticks.
It’s a lousy room in a lousy part of the town. …”
But the trouble is, once i’m hooked to something, it pretty much becomes all i can ponder over. It’s not as warm as I’m making it sound but I’ll nevertheless draw parallels. I need to kick this habit out. If it were a habit, i might have… it’s deeper than that. The cerebellum or somplace else.

I’ve always felt i’m gonna develop some kinda psychotic illness some day and not know it at all. Everything around me seems sick at times. I have repeated senses of Deja Vu. For a 22 year old, that is a very troublesome fact. to think that I have seen too much is both bumptious beyond me, but also probably incorrect. Au Contraire, if I have actually seen so much; i’m pretty much close to the climax! I like neither of those thoughts… I keep hoping I don’t have any more.

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