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The Sun Goes Up…

And the sun goes down; Nothing changes. A wierd thought pops up in my head. Am i real at all? Am i just a figment of someone’s imagination? Is there a consequence of my actions that has any greater impact than just on me? Am i really not a character out of some Frank Miller? But then i’m sure a darker city would’ve been more likely for that to be true. Maybe it’s the truman show? Nah… There aren’t that perfect coincidences here.
Another Morning, a whole lot hotter than I want it to be; sunnier than i’d prefer; more sluggish than i’d like; soporific as hell. Murphy, ah! He loves me like a child. If I apply sunscreen, out of nowhere a cloud would come and make sure it pours; i don’t i’ll come back looking more the colour of a kodiak.
I see those Basin City people all around me. All but one… Darn! where’s that Dame to Kill for?
I’m so fuckin sure; someone draws his daily dose of entertainment from my life.

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