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You wake up, it’s been barely 20 minutes that the sleep got better of you. Seems like hours; maybe days… months all together.
And then it dawns, you have a condition you bugger.
Now that there was a plain faced lie. I don’t have ‘a’ condition. I have conditions. Come to think of it, everyone who has a story to tell has a condition; If their condition allows them to; that is. Yes, but that is not what this is about; no it ain’t.
This here is when you can open your eyes and your body behaves like a god-damnedcomputer. It jerks up but one at a time. Like a system regaining it’s powers, going through checks and bringing itself up. Maybe it’s the fatigue; could be the desperation; could be even worse.
But it ain’t. it’s just my condition.
My condition.
That god forsaken condition.

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