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Cafe Ve Beitzeim?

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Tel Aviv is known to have a deeply rooted coffee cultures in the world and I have to admit, it really is amazing. And it’s not just the sheer numbers, it is the environment that they give you. The city, in what I have seen so far of it, offers a very unique mix of the fast life and the rustic one; and the cafes are a brilliant example of that, and how. Most of them are open round the clock and have complementary WiFi access, but people don’t really come in to run off. They take their time, relax, and then some more, and then chat, leave only if they must! Since there is a greater supply than demand, their prices are very resonable and there never is a rush for anything. That they serve great coffee, is just one of the reasons I Love them.


Oh Crap!

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For someone having spent 22 years without crapping on the western commode, it can be a nightmare.

I must apologise for having been absent from the scene for quite a while. But I was only getting used to the city and a new life style. Now that I finally have gotten myself (atleast partially) used to crapping on the WC, I can begin to spin tales of the wonderous city that is Tel Aviv.

The most striking thing about my experience is the fact that there exists a very distinct divide between nations around the globe. People more often than not have no idea whatsoever about other parts. Before coming down to Tel Aviv, I must admit I did have my apprehensions but once I was in, the city has me – totally. It’s a beautiful place, resplendent and replete with glory, both from timelines completely outside mine and from the ones that I have spent exploring the city.


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Pics by the dozen on my Flickr Photoblog. Keep checking for updates.

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By Golly!

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If Apple has been pre-empted correctly, I’ll be damned, then some more. Check this link for yourself.

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The first thing I noted about Tel Aviv, even before I came down; was that it’s Let Live backwards – ‘Viva Let’!!! And I have to admit, I love the city. Beautiful, Well planned, brilliant weather… it kicks ass. The Israeli cuisine too is amazing and i have to admit, these people cook the most amazing cakes, I’ve Ever eaten! (I wanted to say ‘in the world’ but didn’t cause I am yet to see a very large part of it.)

Would post pics and vids soon. Until then… “Shalom”!

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