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March 21, 2007 1 comment

It’s all a big joke. I’m so sure someone gets a BIG kick watching me everyday. It’s similar to the Truman Show Idea. Someone loves watching the messes I make of my life and he makes sure I make mess of my life.

It’s a day when I hate the ones I love. I absolutely positively Loathe them for some time, I have no clue why or how but I really do. A feeling of resignation follows soon after. Then Denial. Yes, a Denial; repeated 8 times but still to no avail.

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That’s my problem. Once I have a significant window of exposure, My opinion about most people is generally no different from that I would have on a Baboon.

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The Day the Simulacrum died

Sad as it gets, Jean Baudrillard is dead.

I was a sophomore when Shiv mentioned him for the first time. In those days I was crazy about reading as much as I could from Shiv’s (endless) list of recommendations and I rushed to borrow a copy of “The Vital Illusion” from the Library. Those 80 pages perhaps changed me forever. I had never read such a work on Reality ever before. Thus started my infatuation with the work of Baudrillard and in a span of a few months I had borrowed and tried to understand almost all of his work. Not that I did, (if I did I wouldn’t have been born amidst mortals), however I was profoundly influenced.

Today, as he is no more I feel sadness of a very inexplicable nature. A friend asked me if his Death was real… I just wasn’t in the mood for banter. It’s even more saddening that when Britney shaves her hollow head everyone writes about it and no one has time to write an obituary for one of the greatest intellectuals of our time.

It is an honour, to be born in your times Sire. RIP.

The Simulacrum shall remain True, just like you believed.

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