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Somalian Families

September 30, 2007 4 comments

On a cab i took recently; from Lambert, STL to Chesterfield, i met a real interesting fella, Mo. Now though i don’t look American, there are too many Indians in US (even in the Midwest!), so people don’t assume nationalities by the way that they look. For some reason there was an air of discomfort around, to break which I got talking to him about St. Louis Rams and in a while realised that he isn’t a national either. In a while i learnt that he was from Somalia and he gathered that I’m from India. Bang! There was the Ice breaker – Bollywood! It didn’t take me much time to realise that he’d pretty much seen the entire spectrum of movies that I had. Movies as old as Awaara and as idiotic as Mela. He knew almost every actor of the indian cinema that was worth his two cents. “I can’t understand individual words in Hindi but after so much exposure; i can put two and two together and pretty much understand everything.” is what he told me and it almost seemed true.
But the most interesting part is yet to come… Apparently, everyone watches Indian movies because they tend to be much more fun (not quite as intense as Hollywood); have great songs and can be watched ‘with the family’. Wait, it gets better, he continued “But now even Bollywood is catching up… I saw a movie the other day, ‘The Train'”… (I’m thinking Good Lord! Hail Emraan Hashmi!) …”and i saw some real Kiss action man! No kidding… In a couple of years I bet we see titties.”… (yeah, too bad Raj kapoor died in 90s or we’d have by now)…”But i hope they don’t we’ve got american cinema for that; If Hindi movies go that way, what will people watch with their families?”
I was stupefied the rest of the ride…

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September 28, 2007 4 comments

Finally, I got me the apple i’ve always dreamt of having… A SWANKY NEW MACBOOK PRO! And this is one machine off the hook! Maybe i’ll get my digital life back on track now.
Rock on Apple!

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