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Incredible India & The Butterfly Effect

Advice from the most unusual of people can sometimes be the most interesting. I was at my optician, seeking a new pair of spectacles. Now he is way too senior for me to strike up a casual conversation so i was sticking to the normal stuff when my Mom bustled into the store, visibly distraught – a traffic cop had booked her for parking in a no-parking zone. Now the parking situation in India is so tough in our prime cities because of the huge number of vehicles. (It is, across the globe in all major cities, atleast downtown, but the scene in Indian cities gets complicated by the non-existence of Driving, let alone parking, Etiquettes.)
To this, Khanna Uncle (my optician) said, it’s all because of the Banks. And i couldn’t resist but prod further.
“Banks, uncle?”.
“Yeah, you got that right; Banks.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means that because of the banks, we have a huge credit scene today. The indian market is growing at such pace that they give out loans to anybody and everybody for a dime, nickle, cent each! If you give out a loan to people who don’t know shit about driving, and they all end up buying a vehicle each; how many are supposed to be educated enough to understand these etiquettes. Besides this is making the number of vehicles multiply at a level greater than at which the other infrastructure can expand.”
WoW! I was spellbound by the depth of his argument. He should be in the later part of the third quarter of life and am sure isn’t very well researched on the topic per say. But i daresay that the point made sense.

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