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Games People Play

Have seriously changed. I remember spending my childhood playing Monopoly (& it’s Indian Version – Business/Vyapaar); Scotland Yard; Scrabble… The first time I played a game on a computer was probably when I was in my mid teens – Wolf 3D. In my late teens I did graduate to a compulsive ‘digital’ gamer and remained that through out my college life. Even after life became busy with work & shit; I still try to go back & play me some good games whenever I can.But this thread of thought started last weekend when Patel, Dey, Makka (Read three weirdoes) & I (read four weirdoes) went out in an act of desperation to find an intriguing, relaxing yet stimulating way to spend time; and ended up playing Monopoly for 12 hours. We introduced our own quirky ‘mods’ to the game, the details of which I shall conveniently reserve for another post sometime after i’ve had more thought.What bothers me is that these immensely fun Board Games (along with several others) are no longer of any kids interest. These games were structured along the idea of Family Entertainment & did they do the job! Today the only paradigm of gaming that I see is the digital one; age no bar, sex no bar. The wierd games of the early childhood that the elderly used to concoct to keep children busy; The Board games of yesteryears; The idea of bringing in a group of people & letting them be in control of the game while having fun: Gone.More on this when I have structured my thoughts. 

  1. December 10, 2007 at 5:16 AM

    I still play scrabble when I visit my home. The game gives you a different sort of a high if you get involved in it.

    Even chess which is meant for two people was a great occasion for us in school as we would play it in the back benches. Since the board could not be hidden very well and quickly we had to design a chequered design on paper.

    Another favorite of mine was chinese chequers, chequers and backgammon. I used to do a lot of variation in chequers. There where some small games based on the same chequers board. The rules are quite simple and you have to exercise your mind a lot.

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