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Watched the recent science fiction movie I am Legend.Some how, our predictions about the future are always gloomy. It’s like no one looks forward to a better tomorrow. We are collectively certain of our doom at our own summon; like we would rub a lamp hoping for a Genie and in all probability we wouldn’t get a genie but would end up with a demon at our behest.It’s interesting how the collective cognition of the species can be looking down so mockingly at its own capabilities.Anyways, back to Science Fiction; which anyways has been the flavour of the cinema, atleast in the recent past. Fantasy, is the genre that i would rather call it; saves us the trouble of having to think of a word for Harry Potter, Narnia… what have you Mumbo Jumbo. And the favourite cause of apocalypse are Viruses that we will ourselves mutate & then be rendered completely helpless against them. Focus has shifted away from computers & Artificial intelligence. This implies either of two: we now gauge our own incapabilities better & see that as too far off; or we undermine the potential of a self evolving schema.The funny part is, if its the latter, what does that comment on us? 

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  1. Shailesh
    May 19, 2008 at 5:40 AM

    There are going to be no legends. The movie I am Legend is another typical hollywood movies like virus killing people & destroying mankind. Nothing special, but Will Smith was good. The ending was really sad.

    Check out this nat geo link with videos, these are scenes that we or no humans will never see. I am not 100 % sure when will all the humans die, but I am convinced that will happen one fine day. We will surely end up killing ourselves.
    So how would the world look without the humans ?

  2. May 21, 2008 at 5:25 AM

    I was told the real ending and the “funda” behind the story of the original novel and the movie pisses me off now, though I am yet to read the original. They have butchered the whole concept of the novel. The novel has different connotation to the words: “I am legend”

    As for the world’s ending, I suppose that is a Christian notion of linear time. Of a definite beginning and an end. So the end has to be destruction, else how can it be an end. All the orientals I suppose have had circular concepts of time.

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