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Vive Le Roi

November 4, 2007 Leave a comment

Two cases:
a. Find a farmer, and tell him he is a king; he shall humbly ask you not to joke and that he is but a mere farmer. Ask a King, well truth be told, you won’t have to ask; a King will pronouce his Kingship.
b. If a person is being compared to another who has twice as long a career as the first to see whose is more illustrous; doesn’t the act answer the question itself?
In case you are wondering, the humble farmer here is Mr. Bachchan and the King, Mr. Khan. (I’m only using words they have each used to describe themselves)
But No implications about their histrionic skills, generosities, personalities or any other trait here, I simply need to confess that SRK never fails to astonish me. Be it his energy levels, his chutzpah, that Bumptious nature, his oratory capabilities, his impeccable repute or his charm; he never fails to impress and inspire (a nation about it’s national sport, My dear friend Pandey to study, heck even a plump geek like me to get into shape!)
Cheers to the King! Age Well, Sir!

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