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Ridley Do

December 3, 2006 Leave a comment

Spent the last evening watching the latest Ridley Scott. The movie wasn’t too warm, or transcendent, or effervescent but it was pleasurable nevertheless for the time that you are in it. The story was very simple and almost beaten down – a man who has everything giving it up for love. I deliberately refrained from saying giving it ALL up; giving up a job as a Stock Broker to become the proud owner of a Majestic Chateau and a huge vineyard with a lifetime to elope with a Gorgeous woman barely qualifies as a giving it all up. It’s a fookin’ STEAL!!!

Most shots were so typical of Scott that given a 5 minute snip from the movie, most who have seen his other flicks should be able to deduce that It’s a Ridley Scott. The background score wasn’t brilliant. The editing passable and the actors all just upto the mark.

I guess what enchanted me was Marion Cottilard. And the Chateau. And the Vineyard.

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