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The Great Indian Dream

December 3, 2006 Leave a comment

Though i’m having a massive Deja Vu about it, I loathe the idea enough to crib over it all over again. Some odd years ago, a guy got a book called ‘The Great Indian Dream’ Published (please do a google if you don’t quite remember). The Idea was so utterly stupid that I tore him to pieces. I was unaware of the fact that I’d be proved so utterly wrong in just a few years. Indians now do have a Great Dream – the ever empowering MBA.

Day in and day out I see people who want to get into a business school, get an MBA and make life all rosy. Having spoken to dozens of people on the topic, I can very well layout a typical candidate who goes for an MBA in India. Monetary gains top their priority and Expectations of Blissful opportunities to work upon are abundant. They don’t know themselves or the reasons they want an MBA. Most have no clue what an MBA is going to do to their career.

Think of a world 15 years from now. If things go the way they are going, we’d see a plethora of managers who have no clue about what to manage and an apparent zeal to do so based on a misconceived notion that they know how to do it. Who’d do all the otherwork then? Hmmm… We’ll have to wait and watch.

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December 2, 2006 Leave a comment

Just when I thought I had my hands on the perfect blogging tool for me, I discovered that it is going to be a pain importing my posts from blogger. Damn! God Damn you Murphy!

Murphy and I go back a long long time. He loves me for no apparent reason, quite like a stupid little Dog that paws back to lick you no matter how hard you kick it in the Butt. Faithfully standing by me to ensure not everything works perfect. With me, everything that can go wrong, DOES go wrong. But I know better than to complain.

Anyways, for the timebeing I have kept a link to my old blog on the About Page. Will try to get these in as soon as I find out how to.

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