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The Sad Alpha Male

December 20, 2006 1 comment

Loads of confusion on my last post, so here are some expansions to my line of thought.

Let us first clear the air on what is an Alpha Male? The Alpha Male, to begin with is a very limited construct that is associated only with evolved Predators, more specifically those that hunt in Packs or those where there is a tougher struggle for survival (resource, i.e. Food crunch being the chief cause of the same). In general, it implies males who can lead (the reason for the sexual discrimination being the muscle power of the male). The Rabbits don’t have alpha males, neither do doves, nor do lizards or others in similar classes of species; Wolves have them, as do Several other hunting classes.

If we were to speak of an Alpha Male in the Human Species; which, in my opinion and probably the most controversial point in the entire post, classifies under both a species facing the fight for survival as well as is uncannily similar to a hunting species; we would be speaking of Men who have greater mental capabilities – for the humans, it hardly depends on the Muscle power any more.

More on this soon… When I have time from work, that is…


The Poor Alpha Male

December 19, 2006 4 comments

There are quite a few behaviour of the human species that baffle me completely. It separates them from the usual behaviour of the Animal kingdom. One such is the completely unexplainable mating behaviour of theirs. While in every other Species, it is the easiest for the Alpha Male to find a mate, it is the stark opposite for the human species. Most alpha men are single while a very significant portion of the normal ones find mates very easily.

It shall be felony to classify directly but I have been thinking on it and it is just possible that it is the sexual revolution 2.0 that is responsible for this. Some psychological changes (beyond the scope of this post) have led to what I believe is a new construction – the alpha female. Psychologically alike to the Alpha Male, she is powerful as well, in most realizations of the adjective atleast. The problem now arises – Alpha males want the best they’ve got and the Alpha Females are most definitely not going to be easy to get, in fact the alpha females seek their own mates.

Any more theories?


December 3, 2006 1 comment

Came across this. Will expand on this soon.

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