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The Puppet Master

November 17, 2007 2 comments

Began Watching the addictive TV series Prison Break (I’m outdated all right) and upon finishing it (late runner, but i do go for a quick kill), I got so dragged into the concept of ‘The Company’, I did a small time travel to discussions with Shiv about the idea of a Panopticon during my junior year (or perhaps sophomore, doesn’t matter; after quite a few years, the memory is still vivid).
“The sentiment of the invisible omniscent” (beautiful words, i’m borrowing from Anon. (read Wiki :P)), as put by the Jeremy Bentham; was brought into our lunch time talks while discussing the layout of my college campus with respect to the placement and the design of the Administration Block. The Director’s cabin is perched atop the Admin block with Blackened Glass Windows. And the idea that he potentially could watch all of us but not the other way round, was laughably scary; the similarity to a prison only too uncanny 🙂
Back to the Construction of the idea of ‘The Company’. I have, for long pondered over the possiblity, what if all idea of power in the modern Democratic world is but a mere facade? We have speculations about it everywhere. Mr Singh acts wierd and most are discussing if Ms. g (i reserve the capitlised G for her mother in law, sorry megalomania over beauty, personal preference for respect) had a cold burger with damp fries and warm soda. Miyaan Musharraf stutters and you wonder if GWB Jr lost a game of Golf. (I don’t even wanna get started with what i think when GWB is acting up.)
Somehow i sometimes get the feeling that all the world politics is a Hoax and we are all just dancing to the tunes of an invisible influence; a greater force, one that operates like that Panopticon.
But what above even all of that? What about beyond Gossip and speculation? What about the economies of the planet? Could There be someone who’s predeciding the way the Yen should go? Where the British GDP goes to? The Japanese Cars in US v/s those in India?From my experience thus far in life; either this axiomates the existence of God or there is a Panopticon somewhere we can’t see. All puppets gotta to have a puppet master…
Any whacky ideas in this line?