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In The Rain

July 7, 2009 2 comments

Staring out into the emptiness of his window pane,
With the company of a seething but distant pain,
Naive, nubile droplets of a monsoon night’s rain,
Purging the sins of this loathesome world again,
In the rain.

On lost pages of memory do his thoughts train,
A soft silhouette, somewhere a gentle, lost refrain,
And in a comforting embrace lay all he could ever gain,
Lying by the side of love, the world does in love drain,
In the rain.

A world that has not learnt love yet, he does disdain,
Dry hearts in dire need to learn this art now arcane,
Perhaps the rain would forgive, wash away the bloodstain,
And these barren hearts and world shall be fecund again,
In the rain.

And the stone hearts shall not a reason to hate feign,
We’ll see through the differences and love we shall sustain,
It’ll be a different world, one in which he is certain,
That purged of our sins we shall be born again,
In the rain.

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